Air travel is slowly becoming normal. However, there is still a significant reduction in the number of air passengers compared to last year. In the week from 18 to 24 January, the number of air passengers going to and from Swami Vivekananda Airport increased by five percent. At the same time, the movement of flights decreased by one percent. This week, a total of 354 flights were diverted and 36,047 air passengers were reported.

These days, flights from Raipur to various cities are also increasing. In the coming days, air services can also start from Raipur to Jabalpur and Bhopal. Along with this, there is a great demand for Jaipur and Pune from Raipur. Due to the effect of Corona, the transaction of foreign currency in Chhattisgarh has also decreased by 90 percent these days. According to traders associated with the sector, the transaction of the dollar has decreased by 90 percent and the asking for the euro and pound has decreased completely. These days even the air travelers are not going abroad and are preferring to go to the local areas.