Pankaj Singh Bhadoria, Dantewada. For the past three days, the great sage of Jainism, Shri Mahashraman Ji is on a padyatra in Dantewada district. The message of non-violence, morality and goodwill has been plying thousands of km for the public for the past 7 years. Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s education in CT Javanga, thousands of devotees were seen eager for his darshan before Acharya Mahashraman ji arrived. He was welcomed with drums. When the Mangal debut of Acharya ji, the priest of Ahimsa, entered Gidam Nagar, the Shirdi Sai Foundation, Bengali Samaj, Anjuman Islamia Committee, Sarva Gupta Samaj, Harijan Samaj, Gayatri Parivar, Sarva Brahmin Samaj, Soni Samaj welcomed him at Geedam Main Gate Welcomed Acharya Mahashraman ji will stay in Gidam Nagar while doing Mangal Vihar for 2 days.

Mahatpaswi Acharya Shri Mahashraman Ji said in his sermon that a person becomes prone to violence due to raga malice. This is due to the tendency of raga malice. He should always take the path of non-violence. Non-violence leads to peace and happiness in life. It has been seven years of this journey. Today we have reached Geidam. Gidam’s child sage Rishi Kumar is also with us. Those who were initiated in Bangalore. Today we have come in his earthly sided birthplace Gidam. May everyone have happiness and peace on this occasion. On this occasion, former District President Vimal Surana Acharya was seen discharging the entire responsibility on the arrival of Shri Mahashraman. Surana said, fortunately we have got this opportunity. This land of Gidam became sacred by the steps of Gurudev.