Bhupesh Baghel met courtesy of people from various societies and organizations at the local circuit house last evening during his two-day stay in Bijapur. During this, representatives of various community heads and organizations welcomed the Chief Minister Mr. Baghel on his arrival at Bijapur and thanked him for giving various development works to the district. All the people of the society met the Chief Minister and talked about the various issues of their society and made them aware of their demands and the Chief Minister took special time for the people of the society and discussed it, which created an atmosphere of happiness among the people. The Chief Minister, in turn, discussed with all the society and assured to take positive initiative on their demands. Also instructed the collector Mr. Agarwal for appropriate action. Most of the society demanded land for Samajik Bhavan, Boundriwal and Samajik Bhavan. On which Mr. Baghel instructed the Collector to ask for the allotment of land at the appropriate place.
Villagers of Pamed, remote area of ​​district, Sarva Adivasi Samaj, Gond Samaj, Kanwar Samaj Halba Samaj, Muria Samaj, Telga Samaj, Satnami Samaj, Agarwal Samaj, Christian Samaj, Kshatriya Samaj, Oraon Samaj, Marar Samaj, Brahmin Samaj People of other societies discussed with the Chief Minister and made various demands of their society, on the demand of financial support for the construction of madrasa by the people of Muslim society, the Chief Minister gave approval of twenty lakhs. In another organization, Sarpanch Sangh applied for security insurance. To which Mr. Baghel assured of appropriate action. In addition, Mitanins in employee unions discussed the Chief Minister. He praised their cooperation and service sentiment during the Corona era, various employees associations like Teachers Association, Principal Pathak, Secretary, Contractual Employee, Nagar Sainik met the Chief Minister and spoke to him. During this period Revenue Minister Shri Jai Singh Agrawal, Commercial and Excise Minister Shri Kavasi Lakhma, MP Bastar Parliamentary Area Shri Deepak Badge, Chairman of Handicrafts Development Board Mr. Chandan Kashyap, Local MLA and Vice Chairman of Bastar Development Authority Mr. Vikram Shah Mandavi, Case Period MLA Mr. Santram Netam, District Panchayat President, Shri Shankar Kudiyam, Vice Chairman Mr. Kamlesh Karam, Bastar Commissioner Mr. GR Churendra, Inspector General of Police Mr. P. Sunderraj, Collector Mr. Ritesh Kumar Agarwal, Superintendent of Police Mr. Kamalochan Kashyap, CEO, District Panchayat Mr. Nutrition Lal Chandrakar and Forest Officer Mr. Ashok Public representatives and officials including Patel were present.