The rumour of suspected bird flu cases in Chhattisgarh may have an adverse impact on poultry business in State and affect the ‘stable business mode’ in poultry sector after a total slump during lockdown. However, no confirmed cases of bird flu are detected in State,” stated President of Chhattisgarh Poultry Dealers’ Association Raju Brahmankar on Friday. While talking to ‘The Hitavada’, poultry farm owner and retailer of poultry products Raju Brahmankar informed that the scare of bird flu surfacing in State without any confirmed reports from the administration may affect the poultry sector. The consumption of poultry product will significantly get affected jeopardising the total chain of business from production to retail segment. Brahmankar added that if the rumours rule the market, it will take time for the poultry business to recover which will create gap in demand-n-supply and the prices will also multiply. Right now, the overall market is stable and there is no such impact over the business. The bird flu, says Brahmankar, is a natural phenomenon that generally indicates something has gone wrong in the health among the infected. Generally, the symptoms appear in the month of January and the pace at which it surfaces also subsides in the present times. Meanwhile, the poultry farm owners have already taken extra precaution for safety from Coronavirus. And the good news is, 99 per cent of the chicken supplied by the poultry farmer are best maintained. However, the old traditional ayurvedic treatment process that is successful among the human beings is now found to be a better option for the avians in poultry sector. Chickens are fed dose of medicine prepared with the mix of ginger, garlic and tulsi leaves as precaution from Bird Flu and other diseases in poultry farm, he added. In the last week of March after the lockdown, the sales of poultry dropped to zero. But since poultry products was a major source of protein, during the peak COVID-19 times the sales increased considerably. The rate gradually stabilized since June and the prices have remained more or less stable. Surprisingly, many people have invested in setting new poultry farms and several projects have come-up giving boost to the business from farms to the retail market. In the month of June, egg was sold at Rs 2 in retail and now the price is Rs 4-5 in local market. Similarly, broiler was available at Rs 100 per kg and touched the high of Rs 175 and of late is stable at Rs 150 per kg in retail on Friday, Brahmankar stated.