Guidelines have been issued by the Health Department regarding corona vaccination. It states that only 100 people will be given the Kovid vaccine every season. However, if the said center has a waiting room, monitoring center, more crowds to handle and stuff, then another vaccine officer will be deployed there. After this, there will be vaccination to 200 people.

The guidelines issued said that the success of the Kovid-19 vaccine will depend on better management. There will also be a need to deal with potential challenges in its implementation. The challenge is to provide the right information at the right time about the progress and benefits of vaccination. Apart from this, who will be given the vaccine first, the public’s concerns and questions about this decision of the government will also be a challenge.

People will also be concerned about the safety of giving the vaccine after a long trial. Also, many misconceptions can be made on social media about rumors, negative news and vaccine effects. Instructions have been given to deal with such challenges.