Dr. Sandeep Dave, managing and medical director of Laparoscopy Surgeon and Ramakrishna Care Hospital Raipur arrived in Korba on Saturday. Here he discussed with reporters at New Korba Hospital. Dr. Dave is visiting the city for two days in NKH for treatment. During this, he said that people were avoiding coming to the hospital during the Corona period. Serious diseases were also ignored. He said that we have won a lot of battles with Corona. In this situation, serious diseases should not be ignored and hidden. Whatever health problem you have, you should get proper consultation after checking with your doctor. He said that in the corona period more deaths have occurred in the state than in corona. The patients were afraid of corona and were aggravating the disease by staying home even in severe illness. Late treatment can prove fatal.

Dr. Dave said that Corona has affected life to a great extent. Now the circumstances are changing rapidly. We need to get into the habit of living with the corona and adopt a normal routine. Social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands are the main methods of protection. He said that Ramakrishna Hospital is going to do the first liver transplantation soon. Kidney is being transplanted. Those who are spreading rumors or creating an atmosphere of fear in the country regarding Kovid vaccination. He is definitely guilty and his place is in jail. The battle with Corona can be won by beingware of rumors. During this time, Dr. Sobhraj Chandani, Director of NKH, Dr. GL Wadhwani, Dr. Shankar Paliwal and Dr. Ajit Mishra, Surgeon of Ramakrishna Hospital Raipur and Dr. Siddhant Tamaskar were present.