Under the guidance of Collector Shri Rajat Bansal, the Sucharnithan Abhiyan will be launched at the panchayat level between 10 to 17 January for public awareness. In which, efforts will be made to reduce the level of malnutrition in the district by connecting villagers, public representatives and volunteers. Besides, by promoting voluntary grants, the malnourished children of the district will be identified and benefited through nutritional rehabilitation centers.
Under this malnutrition public awareness campaign, a cycle event will start from 6 am on January 17, which is 45 km from Chitrakote to Mendri Ghumar-Tamra Ghumar. A rally up to a distance will be held. Mendri Ghumar-Tamra Ghumar 20 km from Chitrakote for children and beginner cyclists. The distance has been kept. Offering cycling is also being organized for professional cyclists via Chitrakote, Mendri Ghumar-Tamra Ghumar Michnar. The campaign will showcase tribal culture, local cuisine. Whose visitors and cyclists will be able to enjoy it. Also, under adventure sports, rock climbing, water weeping, offering amidst the dense forests, bonfires along with Ting King, Camping are also being organized. Registration for participation in cycle events is available at https://forms.gle/k92FPbR7pLPwZyek6.