Minister of Urban Administration and Labor, Dr. Shivkumar Dahria said that Chhattisgarh is following the ideals shown by Baba Guru Ghasidas and Baba Saheb Ambedkar. The principle of mind which was given by Baba ji is the same principle, it is our ideal principle, we are committed to take Chhattisgarh forward by following this principle.

Minister Dr. Dahria attended the Guru Baba Ghasidas ji’s birth anniversary program organized by the Satnami Samaj at Hassaud as the chief guest. On this occasion, Dr. Dahria prayed to Baba Ji and wished for happiness and prosperity for the people of the state. He also congratulated the temple dwellers on the Guru Baba Ghasidas Jayanti program. Addressing the gathering, Urban Administration Minister Dr. Dahria said that the life, work and teachings of Saint Shiromani Guru Baba Ghasidas Ji are relevant even today. He said that Guru Ghasidas Baba is a symbol of equality, harmony and brotherhood. Baba Ghasidas ji, with the words of ‘Mankhe-Mankhe AK Borobar’, worked to unify the whole world. At the time, he tried to remove the differences between human beings, social evils, stereotypes, social inequality, while he taught the truth and non-violence in the public with the word “Amrit is the jewel of man”. Referring to Satnam’s message and worship through Panthi, he said that Panthi dance conveys the message of peace, unity and truth in the public mind. On this occasion, the artists of Panthi gave an attractive performance. Minister Dr. Dahria also announced three lakh rupees for the theater at Sheetla Check in Mandir Hasaud. During this time, saints and members of the community and large number of villagers were present, including village sarpanch Mrs. Rama Yadav, district member Mrs. Tarini Nirmalkar, Mr. Rajkumar Baghel, Gulshan Baghel, Mr. Rekharam Pathe, Shobhit Sahu, Dilip Joshi.