Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune made his first ever television appearance in two months after he was hospitalized for treatment of COVID-19. “As you know, two months ago, I was quickly taken abroad because I contracted coronavirus”, said Tebboune in the beginning of his televised address. The video was broadcasted on state television and published on Tebboune’s Twitter feed. In the feed, the caption said that the President aims on building a new Algeria and the date is near. 

In his speech, the President said that even if he is away from the country, he is following all that is happening and keeps on giving instructions to the presidency. Tebboune was first sent to a military hospital in mid-October and then transferred to Germany on a special flight. Initially, the office did not provide any information on his transfer. However, later, it was revealed that the President had tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

According to the reports by AP, on November 30, the President’s office issued a statement saying Tebboune had left a “specialized” medical facility. The statement further said that he should be returning home “in the coming days”. Also, the clinic where the President was being treated was never made public. Such a statement led to further mystery regarding the President and his whereabouts.