The Canadian government is targeting January as the starting point for distribution COVID-19 vaccine throughout the country, vaccine distribution Czar Major General Dany Fortin revealed during a press conference. Fortin, who was appointed at the position last week, stressed that the Canadian military was scheduled to perform a “dry run” of the plan on December 7. If things go as planned, they would then set up provincial distribution points by December 14 and be fully prepared for inoculation by December 25.

With over 3,90,000 cases and 12,300 deaths, Canada is now prepping to battle a possible second wave of the infection. Earlier this month, Prime Minister Trudeau touted the possibility of a COVID-19 vaccine by early in 2021. In addendum, he had also said that most of the residents would probably be vaccinated by next September.

Meanwhile, Major General Fortin also said that the federal government would contract private logistics firms to facilitate the distribution. Reaffirming his stance on early distribution, he said that the distribution contracts to the firms would be awarded as early as December 15.