State Government has decided to develop eigh locations- Sitamari-Harchowka, Ramgarh, Shivrinarayan, Turturiya, Chandkhuri, Rajim, Sihawa and Jagdalpur, falling under Ram Van Gaman Path (places where Lord Ram has been to) in Chhattisgarh, as tourist destination Chief Secretary Mr. RPMandal today did inspection of the path in Rajim with senior officials. He dirceted the officials of Tourism Department to chalk out detailed action plan for this within 10 days.

Chief Secretary directed the officials to ensure beautification of Kuleshwar Temple, Rajiv Lochan Temple, and Lomas Rishi Ashram, and also deliberated upon providing various basic facilities there such as drinking water, waiting hall, tourism facility center etc. Chief Secretary visited Rajiv Lochan Temple and prayed for peace and prosperity of the state. On the occasion, Chief Forest Conservator Mr. Rakesh Chaturvedi and Secretary Tourism Department Mr. Anbalgan P were also present.

It is noteworthy that Rajim’s identity as ‘Prayagraj and Triveni Sangam of Chhattisgarh’ is already established. Rajim is known as centre of faith, religion and culture in Chhattisgarh with archaeological and historical significance. State Government has marked Rajim to develop Ram Van Gaman Path as memoir of Lord Ram’s visit to Lomash Rishi Ashram and Panchkoshi Dham. For this entire project, Forest Conservator Ms SSD Badgaiya has been appointed as nodal officer.