Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday targeted the previous Congress-led governments while defending recent amendment to the Citizenship Act. Speaking at a National Caded Corps (NCC) event in New Delhi, PM Modi said the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was brought by the government to correct “historical injustice” done to people who fled their home countries to escape religious persecution.

PM Modi said, “Those who are indulging in fear-mongering over the CAA refuse to take note of persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan. Shouldn’t we help those persecuted for their faith? Some time back, a Pakistan Army advertisement came out in which it was clearly written that only non-Muslims should apply for sanitation workers post.”

Asserting that the CAA was part of the BJP’s election promise, Prime Minister Modi said the government brought the CAA to correct “historical injustice” done to religious minorities living in neighbouring countries.

The CAA opens a fast-track window for acquiring citizenship by non-Muslim illegal immirants who fled Bangladesh, Paksitan and Afghanistan to escape religious persecution. The CAA says such illegal immigrants who came to India before 2015 will get benefit under this law.

PM Modi was speaking at the Annual NCC Rally in Delhi, where he also spoke about situation in Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan’s support to terrorism and separatism in the Kashmir Valley. PM Modi blamed the Abdullah and Mufti families for the current state of affairs in Jammu and Kashmir.

PM Modi said the problem in Jammu and Kashmir persisted since Independence and some families and political parties kept issues in the region “alive”, as a result of which terrorism thrived there. He said the present government has been trying to solve decades-old problems plaguing the country.