From walkmans to TVs and phones, Sony has been a leader in the consumer electronics space for decades and has managed to chart its own course in developing technology that makes the world gasp, often collectively. It was yet another turn for the world to gasp recently but this time, it was quite unprecedented. That is thanks to the company surprising everyone at CES 2020 by showcasing an electric concept car – Vision-S, its first definite foray into the automotive world.

Sony took the covers off Vision-S at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 being held in Las Vegas and gave an insight into how the concept car brings together a near-perfect synthesis of most technological innovations that the company is and has been known for. The Vision-S gets as many as 33 unique sensors on the exterior as well as inside, features a plethora of widescreen displays, 360 degree audio and always-on connectivity system.