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  Who is behind the U turn of karunanidhi?
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By - Premendra Agrawal
Tags: U turn karunanidhi Ram Sethu TN Gazettier 1972 Christian Sonia Non Hindu Ambika Secular Mouth Ramdrohi Rashtradroh Gandhi dynasty Selvi Politics of Provocation Mahabharat III Nation of Coward torr….torr; tag this


Karunanidhi accepted the existence of Ram Sethu in TN Gazettier of 1972. The details are in this article. ‘Then whose instruction U turn is taken by Karunanidhi on Ram Sethu?

Sonia Gandhi says ‘shut down’ to those ministers and leaders who criticize the Cultural Ministry’s Ramdroh and in my dictionary it is greater to ‘Rashtrdroh. Bhardwaj was the father in law of Ravan. So Law Minister might take U turn. Jairam Ramesh now wants to understand that Ram is in his name. So now perhaps he wanted to wash his hands of sin by asking resignation of Soni- a. R K Dhavan begins from R, so he doesn’t want to bear any curse. This is the ‘raj (Secrecy)’ of the silence of other leaders also. They are still confused, in which side they have to go: Ram or Ravan.



Closed locks on the fake secular mouths

Then on whose leadership, demons are dancing? Who has given free hand for attacking Ram and Ram Sethu? Why were closed locks on the mouth of all Anti-Hindu fake secularists’ organizations? Remind the timing and the incidence of opening these locks, in the past. When Sonia and her spoons begin to open their mouth against the tolerant.


Ambika Soni shadow of Sonia to shake hand atheist Balu

On Christian Sonia’s advice Non Hindu Ambika Soni shadow of Sonia to shake hand with atheist Balu of DMK, says that Ramdrohi affidavit is an official mistake. Still she has no regret for that. Why do this official mistake not with other religions? Are tolerant Hindus only for the sacrifice as sheep goat? Brahman father in law of Ravan now says he is follower of Ram and Ram is his god. It is good if he remains always on his wordsin the secret meeting with Sonia also. On TV Sonia sounds ‘Jai Shri Ram’. Now Ram and Jai Shri Ram are not communal. Even child knows that only Sonia and Gandhi dynasty is the responsible for all crimes against Hindustan. Still a portion of media says she is innocent and gives advance congrtulation or certificate to her, even for becoming next PM in poll surveys.


Ramdroh is not execuable by ‘Rambhakts

Crime against Ram is bigger than Rashtradroh. This can’t be execused people of this nation on the basis of resignation. Gandhi has done such mistake at the time of partition of India. The leader of any religion or any party of India should not repeat this mistake. If some thing takes U turn, don’t think that that is victory. There is a chain of crimes against the nation by power greedies in the leadership of Gandhi dynasty since a long time.


Ravan raj or Ram raj or Rome raj

PM regretful over attack on Selvi’s house but not a word for attack on RAM!

Karunanidhi grateful to Dr Singh and enquired about his health!!

Great example of give and take ‘thanks’!

Congress deplores attack on Selvi's house but O.K. for the insult of Ram!

Not a single so-called secular leader of any community comes forward against Ramdrohis.

May this be in Ravan raj or Ram raj or Rome raj? It is sure that this may not happen in Ram-rajya as dreamed by Mahatma Gandhi.


Politics of prvocaion

Ram is an imaginaray character: UPA’s ally DMK chief

Who is this Ram? From which engineering college he graduated?"- Karunanidhi

‘Ram was drunkard’: CM of TN


Is beginning of Indian culture from Nehru Gandhi dynasty?

These are small crimes. So we are a nation of coward unable to raise a finger on the slagughters buchers of Indian culture. If the start of Indian culture is Nehru Gandhi dynasty then some may say that there should be end also of ‘swayam bhu (self made shell)’.


Karunanidhi accepted the existence of ‘Ram Sethu in TN Gazettier of 1972

There is a gazettier of 1972 in which introductory script was written by then CM of TN Karunanidhi. In that gazettier he accepted the existence of Ram Sethu. This is published in Asian Age and Hindi edition of ‘Naidunia’. Then why did he dare to take U turn now? Why are these types of incidents coming after the Ramdrohi affidavit? Is this not conspiracy of 10 Janpath? Now Rajkumar Rahul give call of unity to the elder Congress leaders. He and PM does’t say any word on the issue.

Speaking to THE Asian Age, Hindu Jagarana Vedike state convenor Jagadish Karanth and Vishwa Hindu Parishad state secretary Keshav Hegde have claimed that way back in 1972, Mr Karunanidhi had endorsed the existence of Ram Sethu.

As explalined Mr. Karath:

"In his foreword written to the Ramanathapuram district gazetteer on June 14, 1972, Mr Karunanidhi — in his capacity as the chief minister — had stated that this (gazetteer) would give authentic and interesting details of the many places and happenings that would highlight the importance of the district. This is going to help policymakers and public to ascertain reliable information."

* Sethu Paalam is also known as Adam’s Bridge. It invokes Islamic traditions. Adam, banished from the Garden of Eden, walked on this bridge to reach Sri Lanka. This is referred to as Nala Sethu and as Tiruvanai (sacred dam) in Tamil and also referred as Ram Sethu. There is also another name, Adi Sethu."

* About the bridge, the gazetteer says, "This bridge is 110 miles southeast of Madurai, 43 miles along the same direction from Ramanathapuram. This bridge is composed of sand and stone. The western edge of this bridge links with Rameswaram and the eastern end links with the island of Mannar, thereby linking India and Sri Lanka. This is called Ramar Paalam because this bridge was built under the leadership of Hanuman and with the participation of the vanar sena (kuranguppadai) and facilitated the crossing by Ram. Up to 1480, this bridge had served as a land link to Sri Lanka. Thereafter, a severe cyclone created fissures and altered the dimensions of the bridge."

Why Mahabharat III

Who attack Lanka if there would not be Seeta-haran?

Why Mahabhart I, if there would be no Draupadi Cheer-haran?

Why there will be Mahabharat III as Mahabharat II in the leadership of JP against the Emergency of Indira Gandhi.

Who are repeating the above events now in India”

Why is cheer-haran of Bharatmata in the Bharat bhumi?

Is this bhumi of Italians American Chinses Russian or now remains of Pakistanis after the partition? Why are seeds of two-nation theory sowing again by Congress as it did in ther end of British rule in India? Communism has been wiped out allover the world. Still left worship its name instead of Ram Nam.


Two nation theory: Art of Sept 3, 06

Are we as a naion coward?

Is this not the result of tolerance of of Hinduism? Does this not show that we are as a nation coward? All are worry for the votes of minorities. No one care for the vote bank of the majority. Parliamentarians think that if we will go against the Ramdrohis then thew may loose the minority’s votes.. Cowardly lion of the US Movie.

They know that Hindus have now no honor for their glorious ancient identity. Their ministers call to burn the glorious past of the nation.

Captive patriot repeats torr…torr…

Congressee leaders torr..torr…is only ‘Nehru Gandhi Sonia maino Rahul baba. Nothing else they know after the accident of Independence of 1947. They forgot glorious past of India. ‘They recall and force to remind their slavey period events of then and now only. They are binded with the pole of foreign affiliated Indian-less western Anglo-Italio culture.














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