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  Six 6s of Yuvraj vs Anti-Ram sixers of Congress Left DMK
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By - Premendra Agrawal
Tags: Six soxers 6s Anti Ram Ravan raj Surpankha Congress Left DMK Karunanidhi Sonia Sovereignty accountability UPA Timesnow RSS BJP Affidavit Violence Sethusamudram ASI ISI Nuke Cheer-haran Ramayan Newsanalysisindia; tag this


Yuvraj Singh hits six sixers in an over for first time in Twenty20 aaist England ...Opposite to this (420-420) UPA and Left government hits sixers against Bhagwan Ram! What we are…?



Timesnow published an interview with Karunanidhi:

Dhanya: RSS and BJP are saying that your statements have incited violence.

Karuananidhi: Is there proof in history about the existence of Ram? Is there proof that he ever studied in an engineering college?

Is this not attack of a CM on Ram of Ramayan and our Constitution under a conspiracy creating violence?


Dhanya: Have your statements been blown out of proportion?

Karuananidhi: Yes, the issue has been blown out of proportion. This is a conspiracy to stall the Sethu Samundram project.

Does it mean Sethusamudram Project be honored to ruin Ram sethu and to dishonor Ramayan and the Constitution? Anti-Ram Sethu DMK in Fire, Signal to Congress.


Ramdrohi Affidavit

Cultural Ministry is under the Non-Hindu Ambika Soni-a. Dramatic roll of Atheists Left and DMK after Ramdrohi affidavit in Supreme Court is a sign of a palnned conspiracy to ruin Hinduism of co-existance and tolerance. Are Christian Missonaris and Islamic jehadis tolerant to convert others? Would they honor ever in the past co-existansive peaceful life for the believers of other religions also?


Attack on Ram to spread violence

If not ‘Ram Nam’ in the poisonous mouths of fake secularists then why Sachar-nama, Marx-nama, Italy-nama and US-nama are? Why does Karunanidhi remind us Anti-Ram statement of Nehru instead of Gandhi of ‘He Ram?


Whose effigies want to burn Ravan-raj?

UPA and Left forget their dharm. They have only Hindu Hindi Hindustani names to deceive the people. I saw bow in the hands of Anti-Hindu Sonia Gandhi at the Ram Lila ground. Why is this drama? Due to the black deeds of this Indianless government instead of effigies of Ravan, effigies of Ram will be burnt in their Ravan Raj.


Who wish to bear the arrows of Ram in their chests?

How many times - how long - how much time - how many years India wants to be slave of foreigners’ hands? America burnt bodies of Hiroshima to drop atom bomb. Congress burns India ’s soul, culture and honor. Is filing affidavit in the Supreme Court only one sin of Italian led Congress?

People want peace to forget attack on the karsevaks in Gohdra and tragedy of Gujarat riot. But UPA and Left remind these again and again. They flow their tears every year in the parliament on Dec 6, instead of black Fridays of 93’ Mumbai blast. Now Karunanidhi became irresponsible in his old age: Times now reported to give heading “Karunanidhi lashes out at Ram Sevaks”.


On whose direction ASI becomes ISI?

No doubt Sonia becomes able with the help of darbaris to make fool every one. Events and facts show that there is a conspiracy in the leadership of Sonia Gandhi. Please let me know who is great friend of Sonia bigger than Ambika Soni-a? Ambika Soni-a followed the renounce trick of Sonia Gandhi to refuse ministerial post in 2004 and became the incharge 10 Janpath’s inner circle. She is the right hand of every ‘chal’ of Sonia Gandhi. She became cultural minister when 10 Janpath took decision to ruin Ram Sethu. ‘Chupke chupke’ Ramdrohi Affidavit was filed in Supreme Court on the instruction of Sonia Gandhi by the ministry of Soni-a via ASI. Conspiray is executed by plan. When conspiracy came in the public domain then seculary drama played by the actors of Italywood to save their skin.

See the fair act of Sonia Gandhi after that. One minister Jairam Ramesh desired the resignation of Soni- a. After that R K Dhawan also wished. Sonia Gandhi has humiliated them publicly instead of Ambika Soni- a. What shows this?


Sonia Gandhi rules India without accountability

She keeps herself always in politically bullet proof. Her guns are always on the shoulders of others. I recall such shoulders: in Bofors on Quattrocchi, in War room leak on Abhishek Verma the son of congress MP, in Food for Oil scam on Natwar Singh. Three days mourn on the death of Pop John Paul II, Padmshri to Glady Staines, political safety wall around Quattrocchi and MF Hussain are few renounces of her to honor Italian made present Congress Culture. Import of Vatican City-ism in India.


Is sovereignty of India safe in the hands of Sonia?

Still some may think that she is the symbol of the safety and sovereignty of India. There are two slogans want to touch the height of Himalyas to shake hand with Maoists of Nepal. Via this political height there will be entrance of Anti-Gandhian Sonia Gandhi in UNO on Oct 2. .

(1) US Indo Nuke Deal to overlook the majority of Parliamentarian and Scientist. Powerless parliament

(2) Whole hearted wish to ruin the Ram Sethu to show that they cal slap on the majority Hindus. God made universe: God made Universe: Monkeys made Ram Setu.

Gate and lock were opened on the order of Rajiv Gandhi. He inaugrate his campaign from Ayodhya at that time to please Hindus after pleasing Muslims tp diown the Supreme Court order in Shabano Case. But lame is still on BJP and Hindu organiations.

Ravan and his sister main villain in the Ramayan

Ravana is depicted in art with up to ten heads, signifying his knowledge of Vedas and Shastras. His ten heads earned him the names "Dashamukha" , "Dashagriva" and "Dashakantha" .

Ravana was partly Daitya, and partly Brahmin.

Ravana had six brothers:

Kuberam, Vibhishana, Khara, Dushana, Ahiravan,

Ravan had two sisters:

Kumbhini - wife of the demon Madhu, King of Mathura.

Surpanakha - the evil sister of Ravana. She was the ultimate root of the kidnapping of Sita Devi. She was the one who instigated her brothers to wage a war against Rama.

In the above description we can judge that two charters are main due to that War between Ram and Ravan happened. These are Ravan and Surpankha.

Are these two with other demons reborn again to kidnap the Sitas and to distuub devotion of saints towards the God?

Why Cheer-haran of Bharatmata?

Why can the Finance Minister give the call to burn the glorious past of India?


There are such so many questions. People want the answers of those.

Sonia Gandhi said shut up, on the issue of the resignation of Ambika Soni- a. I write Soni as Soni- a due to this reason. Both are shadow of each other. How many days? Nazama Hidayatullah was also in this position in one time. Is Natwar Still less blind follower of Sonia Gandhi? He publicly gave the secrecy of Congress that without the knowledge of Sonia Gandhi not a single leaves move. See art of Aug 14, 06 titled ‘After Riot Finger Rose On...’.














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