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  No Burning of Ravan in his birth place Bisrakh and Laxamn’s Lucknow
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By - Premendra Agrawal
Tags: Burning or Ravan-ayan Bisrakh Ravansena Left DMK burns soul culture honor of India UPA’ capital Anti Ram Soni Sonia Renuka Dushahara Dusshara Laxama’s Lucknow Bhardwaj Rakshashi Maya Dictionary of Demons University of Ravan Ella Ashok; tag this


Take admission in the University of Ravans.

After Congress, Left and DMK now UP government is stepping towards Ravan. This year there is no place to burn Ravan in Lucknow due to maya of mayanagari.

Laxman had cut nose of Surpankha in Nasik . Next target may be Nasik.Slowly and slowly this will happen in every place connected to Ramayan.

World praises Hindus for their tolerance! Hindus follow ‘Santoshi parma sukhi’. What happened in Nepal which was only Hindu nation in the world? Now Nepal Maoists start anti-Dalai Lama Campaign and India is silent on the blood ath of monks in Mynamyr. May you take admission in the possible University of Sonia , Ambika, Karat, Karunanidhi, Chidamram and other Anti-Ram seculars, atheists? IIM Guru Lalu, MF Hussain, old comrades of JNU presently engazed in HRD Ministry will teach there.


Rakshashi Maya

Finance Minister says that Bharat was never ‘Sone ki Chidiya’. Only Soni and Sonia are in his mind. Loyalist of Nehru Gandhi dynasty remember Indira’s vanar-sena and Gandhi’s three monkeys instead of Ram’s vanar-sena Will ‘Ram ki maya be banned to establish Rakshashi Maya?

Shifting of UPA’s capital at Bisrakh where Rawan was born

Noida’s 'Bisrakh' village claims to be the birth-place of Ravan. He spent his childhood in this village that founded by his father Bisesvara.

As reported before three months, the Greater Noida administration plans to speed up the demolition drive with additional police force while residents of 10 villages under Bisrakh Block.


Who wants to teach Rome-ayan/ Marx-ayan/ Ravanayan?

Karunanidhi, Karat and Sonia Gandhi are Anti-Ram. It means they follow Ravan. So what does mean the demolition drive at the birth place of Ravan? Will UPA shift its capital at its god Ravan’s birth place? Who wants to teach Rome-ayan/ Marx-ayan/ Ravanayan instead of Ramayan? Who will burn Ram Sethu instead of Ravan’s effigy? Is acceptance of Ramdrohi Central and States Governments sin or Punya? Should Maoist Terrorist friendly represent India in UNO?

Congress burns soul culture and honor of India

Instead of Ravan, Congress burns soul culture honor of India

Is filing affidavit in the Supreme Court only one sin of Italian led Congress?

Affidavit: Can Demons nuke Ram - Ramayan


Bisrakh does not celebrate Dashahara (Dussehra ) means Vijayadashami

Bisrakh near Greater Noida doesn't celebrate Dussehra because Ravan was born in the village. Therefore the villagers have a very different story to tell. But these villagers are not Ramdrohis as UPA and Left.

Instead of burning effigies of Ravan, the residents of Bisrakh worship Lord Shiva because Ravan was a follower of Shiva.

Yagya ’s are performed throughout navratras before a thousand year old Shivling in a temple in Bisrakh so that Ravan's soul can rest in peace.


Ravan’s loss means loss of Anti-Rams

Ravan may have wanted to die at the hands of Lord Ram according to the Ramayana.

For the residents of Bisrakh Ravan's loss is their loss. Like that most UPA and Left think that encouragement of Rambhakti means the demolition of their democratic dictatorial empire as Ravan had in Sri Lanka .


Do Soni, Sonia, Renuka worship Ram or Ravan?

While the rest of the world believes that Ravan is the demon who kidnapped Sita, women in Bisrakh worship him. Do Women leaders and ministers of UPA and Left such as Sonia Gandhi, Ambika Soni, Renuka Chaudhary, Jayanti Natrajan, Margret Alwa, Brinda Karat and others worship Ravan or Ram? This can be known by their acts, policies and principles. What are their Ramdrohi acts?


Tears come in the eyes

"Tears come in the eyes when I watch Ravan burning on vijaydashmi. He is like our son," said a woma resident of Bisrakh. What flew from the eyes of demons to see the protest against Ramdrohi Affidavit and what flow when Ram Sethu would be saved from the hands of Ravan’s heirs?


Is Dashahara is joyous or sorrowful?

"I don't allow the kids to watch the Dussehra festivity," Lalti Bai said. Like that UPA and Left leaders do their best to prevent their cadres to celebrate the Dashehara in the memory of victory of Ram on Ravan.


All are not Ravan worshipers in UPA and Left

But the children of Bisrakh find it difficult to stay away from the excitement of the festival and have found out ways. Like that so many viewers belong to UPA and Left parties signed on the petition against the ruin of Ramsethu. They also singed to protest the Sonia’s representation of India in UNO on Oct 2. Many of them after that wanted to remove their email ids from my record of sending the articles.


Bhardwaj (Law Minister?) was the father-in-law of Ravan

Bhardwaj which is the surname of Law Minister of India , was the father in law of Ravan.

Who is behind the U turn of karunanidhi?


Is FM Kumbhakaran?

Now Finance Minister came in the support of Ravan as reported on Oct 15. He said, “ Centre firm on implementing Setu project,” He thinks that Indian history begins from Pt Nehru. Burns Glorious Past of India: FM Chidambaram


Rambhakts Congressees diverting towards Rmabhakt parties

"We don't have options but to sneak out to other villages," some youths of Bisrakh said.

Is there not shifting loyalty from UPA and Left heirs of Rava to Rambhakt parties?


Anti-Ram Left DMK and Nehru Gandhi dynasty

On Sept 16, 2007 Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K. Karunanidhi re-opens the door of Anand Bhavan of fake secularism. Karunanidhi quoted from Jawaharlal Nehru's book Discovery of India to assert that Lord Ram was merely a creation of the Aryans who wanted to dominate the Dravidians. Does it mean Nehru to Sonia belongs to Ravan dynasty? Ram Ram vs Nehru Gandhi Dynasty


If Ravan is then coming of Ram certain

If Ravan is Karunanidhi as said by him then how can he deny the presence of Ram and Ram Sethu.

Karunanidhi accepted the existence of Ram Sethu in TN Gazetteer of
1972. Then who is behind the U turn of Karunanidhi. I tried to explain
this in my article Anti-Ram sixers of Congress Left DMK

Dictionary of demons  















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