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  Affidavit: Can Demons nuke Ram - Ramayan
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By - Premendra Agrawal
Tags: Arrows of Ram Sonia PM Media UPA Govt Nuke Ramayan Atom America Affidavit SC Corruption Conversion Crim 3 Cs Ram Sethu Hindu Saffron UNO NDTV ZEE Rahul Nehru Gandhi Dynasty Ramdrohi Bharat Netaji File Ash; tag this


Who wish to bear the arrows of Ram in their chests? How many times - how long - how much time - how many years India wants to be slave of foreigners’ hands? America burnt bodies of Hiroshima to drop atom bomb. Congress burns India ’s soul, culture and honor. Is filing affidavit in the Supreme Court only one sin of Italian led Congress?



Sonia Gandhi devalued PM post to be super pm. So it is said that nuke button is in her hands besides the PM Manmohan. How could PM and Super PM dare to nuke Ram-Ramayan. Now question arises in the minds of many people?


It is possible that to save the real culprit, scapegoat will be a small fish and that may be Ambika Soni as Natwar in the past. BJP becomes a nonworthy party by asking the dismissal of minister instead of Sonia Gandhi. Don’t believe on bollywoody acting or Super PM. Affidavit episode exposed the Indianless mindset of Congress in the leadership of Italian born. This is not only one sin of Italian born.

After Bollywood Hollywood now Itallywood filmy roll of Sonia to bow before Ram. Does it mean ‘munh men Ram bagal men chhuri’?


Case against Sonia, PM, Ministers and Media

Rambhakt in foreign land and Ramdrohi in Bharatbhumi! Why? People hope honorary courts take sue-moto action against the government on the unconstitutional void encroachment of the government.

I was pleader but not pleading now. The leading lawyers of the country Subramanyam Swamy, Arun Jaitley, Ravishankar, Soli Sorabji, Lekhi and others may take legal action against the Ramdrohis.

Should Sonia Gandhi, PM, Ministers fake secular leaders and media produce skeletons or other evidences of their forefathers to the SC? Can they dare to file the similar affidavit on the Christ, Bible, Qaran, Paigamber and others?

Case of the existence of the historical events of their late forefathers may be handover to CBI or other investigating Authorities. Question of Netaji, his files and Ashes is still exist.

Please sign on the petition to save Ram Sethu and another petition to protest Italian Sonia’s representation of India in UNO:


Are still Italian born innocent wax dolls?

Last wish of Mahatma Gandhi was to abolish the All India Congress after the independence of India. Perhaps that wish of Mahatma Gandhi is being fulfilled now.


Is the affidavit first crime?

Is, denying the existing of Ram and Ramayan first crime of Congress? Corruption, Conversion and Crime, these 3 Cs as Dinosaur is the introduction of Sonia led Congress and left supported Congress led UPA Govt. There is a war between Rome-Raaj and Ram-Raaj or Rome-Rule and Home-Rule.

What does Congress say on the issue of Ram Janm Bhumi, common civil code, birth control, caste and religion based quota, Sachar and now on the issue of Ram Sethu? They want to remain in the power by hook or crook.


Is Ram Sethu issue of only Hindus?

If not then why protesters be called Hindu saffron etc. by Christian Missionaries funded media. Is saving Ram Sethu communal issue or issue of only Hindus? Why fake secular media and leaders want to divide India to follow BBC and other European media?

Is conversion of tribe only issue of Hindus? Is circulation of coins with Christian mark after omitting India ’s map the issue of only Hindus? MF Hussain made nude paintings of Bharatmata. Is Bharatmata is not mother of all Indians?


Neck-tie=Kanth-langoti seculars

Even I wondered to read at zeenews “ Facing a saffron onslaught, government today decided to withdraw the "objectionable" paragraphs of the affidavit filed in the Supreme Court questioning the existence of Lord Rama or other characters in the epic Ramayana,” If protest is only saffron onslaught then why the same zeenews quoted Law Minister Bhardwaj, “ Lord Rama is an integral part of Indian culture and ethos and cannot be a matter of debate…. The existence of Rama cannot be doubted. As Himalaya is Himalaya ; Ganga is Ganga ; Rama is Rama. There is no requirement of any proof to establish the existence,"

I have reasons to believe that the owners of zeenews are devoted to Hindu cause which is Ram Cause and the cause of the nation. But there is a tendency developing among so called ‘kanth langots’ to criticize the Hindus.


Protest against Sonia’s representation of India in UNO

This protest is also labeled as the protest of Hindu fanatics by NDTV and others. I have no personal enmity with the owners of media. But continuation of this trend is not good for the health of media. This trend gives bad name to the media. Due to few fishes whole tank of media becomes dirty. Should they be called aulad of Italians and British? What is the meaning of Anglo-Indian and Itaio-Indian?

Fake secular leaders and media begin to call Hindu fundamentalists fanatics khaki short saffron brigade etc. If the repeatation of these words continues then we should call them the Europeans’ Italians’ aulad and Italio-Indians etc.


Love affairs of Nehru Gandhi dynasty for ‘divide and rule’

Love affairs of Western cultured Nehru with Edwina Mountbatten divided India in 1947. He was in hurry to be PM. Jinnah was his partner in this crime. British went back to divide India .


Rahul Baba follows the tradition of his dynasty

Grandson of Nehru became great to execute his love affairs with Sonia Maino. Italian born Sonia and Rahul are hammering the unity of India . Who will go back in future as British went back? Who want to divide India again?

Rahul Baba is also innocent as his mother! There is no fault if he follows tradition of inter racial or inter religious love affairs of Nehru Gandhi dynasty.

Rahul in Gandhigiri to marry:


Valmiki was panic to see wounded loving birds

Gulami of loving couple with each other is fine. We should appreciate it. ‘Lage raho munnabhai’ can present flowers of gandhigiri freely. Tradition of India is giving respect to true love. Foreigner born Congress may insult Ram and Ramayan. How can other do this? Valmiki was panic to see wounded loving birds:


Corruption, Conversion and Crime, these 3 Cs

Does freedom of love mean to give slavery and conversion of Religion to the people of a sovereign country of glorious past? Finance Minister could dare to call to burn the glorious past of India.

Who want to convert India in to Christianity as the various African Latin American and other countries? These countries have been converted into the Chrisiatity forcefully fraudulently?

Cambodia bans Christian proselytizing: India ’s President for proselytizing


Christian Ashram & Lady Saint Masks to deceive

The Christian Ashram Scheme is an attempt to give Christianity the Indian face; 10 Janpath is for converting Congress leaders into Christinity and these corrupt power greedy leaders facialate the conversion of poor and tribal to please Christian Sonia. These methods are deceiving secularism, without changing any of the basic doctrines of Christianity.

Why wholly Westernized Sonia consciously choosing to play the role of the devout Hindu with her head draped in a saree bowing before various gods and goddesses? She is no more Hindu than the other Christian Missionaries in India who are posing as "Swamis." The Christian Clerics even dress like Hindu Swamis, knowing fully well that a Swami is a title of great distinction and veneration amongst the Hindus. See detailed article of Oct 1, 2006 titled ‘Hindu in Burka: Miss Bikini: Why Sonia in Saree’


Indian journalism has become dangerous propaganda machine with little news value.

"Pro Hindu fanatics are protesting against Sonia's visit" says NDTV and IANS
(Indo Asian News Service).

In spite of CF Andrews lived with Gandhi ji for many decades and had strong desire to take part in freedom movement, Gandhi ji clearly disallowed him saying that this is Indians' issue and has to be fought and won by Indians.

If Indian forefathers have imagined that this situation would occur, they would have clearly disallowed any foreigner exercising the kind of power Ms. Sonia is exercising.














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