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Tongue lashing of Vaidik with Saeed on Kashmir as Prashant vs Tonguing of Kareena & Shahid in love

Tongue lashing of Vaidik with Prashant on Kashmir vs Tonguing of Kareena & Shahid in love

Intelligence organizations of the countries such as CIA and ISI take the services of journalists especially women journalists and pay them handsome money.

Meeting of Indian journalists with Dawood, Hafiz Saeed, Taliban co-founder Mullah Zaeed and others are not bad. But who makes these meeting arrangements this is important. If these are arranged by ISI and anti-India elements then this is dangerous trend and against our national interest. 


Ved Prakash Vaidik met most wanted 26/11 accused Hafiz Saeed. Vaidik says he would meet Saeed again.


Senior Journalist Shekhar Gupta writes in his article: I met Dawood, and I am a journalist: Shekhar Gupta further says: There are probably two ways to title this piece. The first: yes, I met Dawood Ibrahim, and I am not a terrorist. And second: I am a mere journalist, and my name is not Vaidik. He criticizes what Vaidik said on Kashmir.


I would meet Hafiz Saeed again, says Vaidik. O.K. VaidikJee, but who are going to arrange your meeting?

Would this happen via Indian sympathizers or Indian high commission there or Anti-India lobby there and here?


Who can allow the execution of tongue lashing of Vaidik with Saeed as Prashant Bhushan on Kashmir issue? How can we compare this with the each other kissing and tonguing of Kareena Kappoor & Shahid Kapoor? 


I think that Vaidik Ji is forming neither new political party nor NGO as Mr. Kejriwal did and collected the donation from Pakistan. Photo-


Chidambaram's meeting with Taliban co-founder and .... Pak PM joined hands with the Hafiz Saeed and Mullah Zaeed ... ,


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Former C M of Punjab and Tharoor tnought to marry with Paki ISI agents: Sania vs Sania


Former C M of Punjab and Tharoor tnought to marry with Paki ISI agents: Sania vs Sania


News came about the love affairs of Capt Amrinder Singh with ISI linked Pakistani journalist Aroosa Alam (ISI agent) mother of popular Pakistani actor and singer Fakhar-e-Alam and daughter of notorious "General Rani" who was Yahya Khan's mistress and later in jelousy house arrested by. J.A. Bhutto. Now news comes: Shashi Tharoor alias Minister Tweeter was going to marry with Pakistani Journalist alleged ISI agent.

Romance in Dubai then tweets, wanted marriage fourth time with Mehr Tarar as deceived Canadian wife Christa Giles for Sunanda. If this could happen then this would not be compared to the marriage of Tennis star Sania Mirza with Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik, if he was not ISI agent: “On Monday July 21, Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhara Rao made Sania the brand ambassador of the state and gave her Rs one crore as expenses towards preparation for the forthcoming US Open. A bit upset after the government ignored her Saina tweeted "#I am very hurt and sad that I have still not received the cash award from my state for the Olympic bronze medal that I won for my country#."


"All this sounds very odd to me," says former Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh, who met her at the airport in Goa on January 3. "There was nothing amiss. Sunanda was affectionate as always and mostly spoke about Shashi and their plans together," he says, adding that he was looking forward to having the couple over for dinner in the third week of January when they planned to visit her family in Patiala. "We even spoke about travelling to Bhutan together this summer," Amrinder Singh says.

Why did Capt love Aroosa mother of Pak Singer? Who was mistress of Yahya? Why J.A. Bhutto house arrested her? Why import of leadership and love? Then why murder of kavita Madhumita Payal Jessica?

We have heard about the love affairs of Pt Nehru with Lady Mountbatten. Rahul Gandhi followed him to make Columbian and other girl friends. Rajiv Gandhi brought his wife from Italian village. For the time being he is Rahul Baba (Saint) in roadshows. We love who love foreign or of foreign.

Natwar Singh is his brother in law (Bahnoi) as Lalu of Sadhu yadav. Did Sonia Gandhi with Priyanka reach to Natwar Singh’s home on suggestion of Amrinder Singh Deputy leader of Congress in Lok Sabha to save herself from his Book bomb relates to their involvement in Oil for Food Scam?

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